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23 May 2015

French Lick Resort…

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I kept hearing adverts during the hockey playoffs about a French Lick Resort but I admit I wasn’t really paying much attention. Commercials are just background noise, the most interesting ones being the Big Pharma sales pitches on how you can take a simple pill to fix the fungus in your toenails while hoping to avoid the catastrophic liver failure that may sometimes occur haha. I also vaguely remember hearing pitches about Park City Utah being expanded and something about it being the largest ski resort in the country but again, I didn’t really pay attention to what they were saying.

This morning slash afternoon I am sitting here in a daze watchin the Senior Men’s PGA Championship at the brand new Pete Dye’s designed French Lick Resort Golf Course and the old mind starts going again. French Lick, home of Larry Bird, the Hick from French Lick and all…but why the fuck is there a brand spanking new resort in French Lick, Indiana, population 2500, hosting a Senior PGA major?

It is another in-your-face example of the “remember trickle down economics (aka Reaganomics)?” If you lower taxes on the rich, they will reinvest in jobs…blah blah fucking blah. No. What happens is they reinvest in golf resorts and ski resorts and pat themselves on the back for “creating jobs.” The jobs created are minimum wage servant jobs, not anything that would allow the worker a decent living. Nope, the servants struggle to get by while they serve those who have time to enjoy the resorts and worry about their stock portfolios. The haves, and the have mores. French Lick, Larry Bird. Park City, Mitt Romney.

Magic Johnson opened movie theaters in areas where these corporatists wouldn’t…and still won’t.

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