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22 May 2012

Taxes? Hmm.

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I heard a very compelling debate on some liberal NPR station about the Tiger vs. the Dragon, and how with their “absence of democracy” China is setting themselves up to be the dominant figure in the region (and the world) for the foreseeable future. India has a democratic process a lot like ours..which is keeping them from advancing at the same rate China is. India will likely surpass China in population, but their infrastructure won’t likely catch up to ours. Their “democracy” will keep them from propping up their infrastructure to support 1/2 their population. Kind of the situation we are falling into.

The US is sunk by our political process (not system). We’ve been sold the idea that taxes are what is keeping everyone from being a millionaire, and any type of government is bad. it is so brazen that incumbents earn points by saying how broken the system (which has employed them for 3 terms) is and no one thinks “wait a minute…”

It would be nice to have a rail line from here to there…pipe dream I know. But our system works in a strange way. Incumbent politician from Boulder says “Let’s check out this idea. There’s already a road with a pretty good size median…how about running a line there. The land is already taken care of…blah blah blah.” Pro-Rail talk starts. Car, oil and various other outside interests fund opposing party candidate who goes on record saying “Incumbent just want to spend your money. And tax you more. It is your money. Oh and…let me repeat: ‘Public transit is a money pit.'” There are threats of recall elections. Much money is spent on fighting the idea in the media.. And in the end, 2 more years go by and still nothing has been done.

At some point, we need to look back and really see what made this country great. In the 50s and 60s, taxes were much higher (especially on certain segments) than they are now, and we were building roads and schools and hospitals, business was flourishing, and we were the uncontested leader. With a bullet. In the past 30 years, things have changed drastically, and there aren’t signs of improvement.

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