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23 July 2011

Well well well…

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Yet another in a long string of unintended unintentional absences from logging in here will end…now.

Inspiration comes within. Or does it? For me, inspiration comes in different shapes and sizes, and comes from different places, and I have gotten pretty damn good at recognizing it and hiding away whenever it rears its head. But strangely I found a muse, about 164cm tall (or so she claims). And on that note I am back.

The return to this site was along a road that definitely missed its last few maintenence sessions. Problem One: The domain name had expired and subsequently had been bought by something/someone who was more than willing to charge me 25x the normal fee. Damn them! That’s the price I pay for letting something slide like “Renewal.” Well the site is paid for and now back in my Domain Manager. And just like that, I step full foot into Problem Two: Passwords. Problem Three: Email accounts these passwords are linked to, and their passwords. And so on…

The moral to this story seems to have to do with this rather petite muse who is passively compelling my browser to point to this site, and somehow making my fingers press certain keys. I’m back. And I happily blame her…

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