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8 April 2010

Back online….

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It has been a struggle for sure, after 4 years of not posting much of anything here. I decided to do the update of the blog software. Big effing mistake. I was on version 3.10 and the current version seemed to be 5.04 or something. It took a very twisted upgrade path, and when I got near the top, it failed miserably. I think the hosting company is sending me hate mail from crashing the server over and over. Seriously. I think some poor tech was getting paged dozens of times the last few nights. So so sorry. It got to the point where I finally ditched the effort and loaded this nice crispy new WordPress 2.9.2. Sweet. It took a lot of configgerin, and a lot of css work (which I forgot how to do). I’m going to have to read up to see how outdated my code is.

Anyway, the site looks fair, and I’m being told by a good person that I should do this stuff again. I seem to agree. There are many many things to write about…so many things to vent about…so many things to be totally pissed about. There’s even a happy thing or two…but I don’t know if we will touch on that here. Hopefully I can keep this up for more than a few days this time. Fight the fight, and Fight On!

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