22 May 2012

Educating Rico

Now don’t start thinking bad things already. Education in America used to be a great great thing..something other countries aspired to achieve. We were great. Kids learned, kids wondered, kids were given the tools to excel, and America roared. But then something went wrong (for Faye Wray and King Kong). Was it an accident?

I had a chance to meet with my 8th grade math teacher…well she was THE 8th grade math teacher. I had her math class when I was in 7th grade. The year was somewhere in the early 70s. Nixon hadn’t got run yet. The math exercise book we used was from the 50s. Math was this: 2 + 2 = 4. It wasn’t 2 apples then add 2 more apples and how many do you have? 6 x 8 = 48. Math WAS. 9 plus 7 was 16. You didn’t count your fingers. You just fucking knew it.

Who knows what passes for math now days. I was in the local grocery and bought something for $4.29. I gave the checker a 10 and 4 cents. He looked at me like I was from Mars. By the time he figured out what the 4 cents were for, he had given me a five, a one, 71 cents and was trying to give me more before I stopped him. It really got me thinking…

Again back to the 70s. Education was not optional.

Well about a year later I’m back to editing this again. Sometimes being busy doesn’t make a good excuse. I will say I’ve watched a shitload of movies and somehow I should be proud of that. Back to the show…

Again back to the 70s. Education was not optional. I can’t begin to think of where the system has failed without going off on 83 tangents. What I believe is that the system was put into a position to fail and not on accident. An intellectual population is harder to control via visceral propaganda. How’s that for a tangent?

I’ll try to get back and finish this properly. Lack of sleep and a few other things makes the mind wander. But I will be back. And this time I mean it.

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