4 August 2011

Sometimes you wonder. Other times you are sure…

The throes of this dilemma I am currently wrestling with have to do with my muse, and she is a wonderful lady indeed. She is the closest thing to a soulmate I have ever come across in my years of looking. It just seems that I don’t know how to keep her.

Distance sucks, but that clearly isn’t the problem. I think we are both content with the situation..of course it could be better but that isn’t the issue. The issue is something inside me that won’t give up. For those few who know me, to call me cynical is to love me. I’m not a hard person. I’m not even a mean person. But I have been put in situations that caused, how would you say, PAIN? I fight it and I hate it.

So now this lovely girl, beautiful, smart, sweet, hateful, angry, everything a guy could ask for loves me dearly…so what do I do? I of course say stupid things and act like an idiot to avoid what? To avoid the one thing this life is missing? The thing that I wish for every day? Wake up idiot. She is there wanting you to take her…Don’t blow it.

Sometimes you wonder why you do things…

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