22 November 2010

This is like 5 months late…From Hollywood, almost live, it’s The Gong Show.

Took a vacation to destinations far far away in June, and never got back into writing. Details are sketchy. Hell I don’t even remember. I guess the plan of attack to write one story every day went to shit after celebrating the Lakota v. 7th Cavalry again. Today is 11/22 and I am back.

On one of my many recent flights I watched “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind,” which sounded good by title, and turned out to be this twisted tale of the life of none other than Chuck Barris. Now back in my teens as a high-schooler, one of my very favorite weekend ventures was a ride to the Burbank studios of NBC and watch them tape “The Gong Show.” The show, as Chuck Barris once said, ended up being like watching a guy have a mid-life crisis over the length of the 4 or so seasons it was on the air. It started out as a somewhat serious show with Chuck and guests in formal attire rating the talent of different entertainment acts. It deteriorated into an insanely bizarre 30 minute party, where the tuxedos were replaced by jeans, hats, and a rubber chicken in a holster. Good good stuffs. Now admittedly, at the time, part of the hilarity of the show had to do with the amount of preservatives and additives that went into the whole experience. I can’t go into detail, but suffice to say, it was fun!

Now about the movie, “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind,” was quite strange, and even a little bit thought provoking. Some of the things actually made sense… Sam Rockwell did a decent job playing Chuckie Baby lol. Memories.

Gotta take things slow tonight. It is a cold night up here in the mountains. Winter is on its way…

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