20 June 2010


Sons of bitches are at it again. There’s never any rest with these wankers.

“June 8, 2006
House Republicans yesterday revived their efforts to slash funding for public broadcasting, as a key committee approved a $115 million reduction in the budget for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting that could force the elimination of some popular PBS and NPR programs. “We’ve got to keep our priorities straight,” said Representative Ralph Regula (R, Ohio), chairman of the appropriations panel that approved the cut. “You’re going to choose between giving a little more money to handicapped children versus providing appropriations for public broadcasting.”

That was Then. This is Now…

“June 18, 2010
Congressman Doug Lamborn has introduced legislation that would cut all federal taxpayer funding for public radio and television in an attempt to close the nation’s more than $13 trillion debt. Lamborn, a Republican from Colorado Springs, said yesterday that public broadcasting “is no longer relevant.” He said so in making his argument to cut an estimated annual $420 million in funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting after 2012.”

How full of shit can someone be? Lamborn and his ilk will fight to the death to keep the Reagan and Bush tax cuts for the ELITE from expiring. I’d venture to guess he’s all for ending the estate tax (lovingly portrayed as the EVIL “Death Tax”). Rolling back the tax cuts that the Idiot Son’s admin adopted would more than cover the 115M budget hack that PBS and NPR are facing. But that option is not even on the table. Nope. PUBLIC (you and me) Television and National PUBLIC (you and me) Radio should not face these kinds of assaults by right wing nuts and tea baggers when the ELITE (those rich fucks) are paying less in taxes now than they did 30 years ago. We (THE PUBLIC) sure as hell aren’t paying less. And to have the brass to tell us back then that the choice was either handicapped kids programs or Public Broadcasting is insane. To say now that Public Broadcasting is just irrelevant is over the rainbow. How disingenuous is the right wing politician? This is another blatant example of the hypocrisy of the right and the foolishness of the sheep that follow. How stupid does he know we really are? Uhmmmm. Don’t answer that…

The real issue is corporations cannot control the content of PUBLIC outlets. They sure as hell control the content of the private stations. As a nation, we really need to wake up and tell these SOB’s that ALL the airwaves are PUBLIC. Those are The Commons, and The Commons belong to We the People! They should be paying us a healthy price to use them, and we need to be the ones who also have a say in the content.

Right now we are paralyzed by the incessant “FEAR” and “CONSUME” messages that are blasting us at every opportunity. Those messages resonate in the minds of the intended audience. “”FEAR” those not like you, and let us protect you..” Sound familiar? It is like a traveling magic show. Focus your attention here! Don’t watch while I take your America away…

In the warped way that we have become as a Nation, a politician told us that it is either handicapped children or public radio. Now, another nut job politician is feeding us the line that publicly funded broadcasting is “irrelevant.” In a healthy Nation, neither one would face cuts. Maybe tax breaks to corporations like BP should face a serious review. I’m sure elimination of a tiny percentage of that would pay for an awful lot of episodes of Clifford the Big Red Dog.

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