7 April 2010

Part I. The Big Store comes to your town. You see an ad in your local paper, “The Big Store officials to meet with city council to discuss new store in your town. Yippee!!” The BIg Store puts an ad in the paper, buys some radio time on the local station talking about all the new jobs and all the lower prices on merchandise and all the new sales taxes that will be collected!! Hooray!! Our Saviour cometh!!

Part II. The Big Store meets the city council again, only this time seriously. Yes we will build our store in your city…and you are going to help. You know those usage fees you normally charge businesses? Forget about that. We don’t pay. You know those property taxes you charge businesses of our size? Haha we don’t pay close to that amount. You know the new roads for our trucks? Haha we don’t pay for that either. You know the electrical costs normally charged for businesses and the corresponding taxes? Hahaha forget about it. Sales taxes? We’ll give you half of what you usually get. Payroll taxes? Haha not to your city. What?? Oh? You don’t like it? Our publicity staff will say that you are against new jobs in the area. Against The Big Store? Do the words “Recall Election” mean anything to you? We will replace you with someone who is more than willing to go along with this. A lockstepping republican, no doubt.

Part III. The Big Store comes. Everyone cheers. Lower prices everywhere. The mom and pop stores close. Jobs are lost. Businesses are lost. Tax revenue drops. The Big Store doesn’t pay their fair share like the mom and pop store did. By the time your city finishes paying off all the lost income…errrrr…makes up for the tax incentives doled out, things like emergency services and libraries have been cut. People wonder why. The person on the radio says it is the liberal’s fault. They want to tax away the businesses. “Damn those liberals,” hollers the OxyContin, Lorcet and hydrocodone addicted moral authority. Yes, those tax hungry liberals have done away with the libraries and the clinics and everything else a nice society has. I don’t see the republicans rushing to the rescue.

We may not have jobs or money anymore, or libraries or emergency rooms or free clinics or a conscience, but at least we have these new Big Stores.

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