23 June 2010

Kitchen Stadium ~ Iron Chef vs Top Chef…

One of my all time favorite shows on the old shitbox was Iron Chef, and not the watered down American version with 23 Iron Chefs, but the original campy Japanese version which was dubbed like a good old Godzilla movie. These were real contests, pitting some of the best chefs around the world in a 60 minute cook-off against one of the “Ironmen of Cooking.” For those who haven’t seen it, the host was a guy named Takeshi Kaga, or Chairman Kaga, and it was allegedly taking place in a stadium built inside his castle. It did have a evil doctor charm. Great show, great entertainment for those of us whose minds need rest.

Reality TV…Really?

As far as “Reality TV” goes, I can state proudly that I have never watched a single minute of “Survivor,” “American Idol,” “Dancing with the Stars,” “Big Brother,” “The Apprentice,” or any other of that crap they call entertainment. I have seen the likes of Wipeout and other foolish people shows, starting with the originals from Japan and Korea, where the show was really funny. But there is one show that caught my interest in their first season and I have been hooked: TOP CHEF. What a great show! Maybe it is my longtime interest in cooking, or maybe just the amazement at the skills of some of these chefs, I’m not sure. I just find this to be a wonderful show.

For those of you hiding under rocks or whatever who have never seen this show, look it up. It is on BravoTV. This is currently season 7, and tonight is just the 2nd week of this season’s contest. 17 or 16 chefs compete in weekly cooking challenges. They have to serve their dishes to judges who pull no punches in dishing out critiques. The weakest get told by the ever beautiful Padma Lakshmi to “Pack their knives and go.” It is really entertaining. Check it out.

Top Chef, Wednesday Nights on BravoTV. I think a couple of the seasons are now available on DVD.

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