15 June 2010

S.B. 1070. Sometimes you wonder. Other times you are sure…

OK Arizona. Nothing like letting yourselves be puppets on a string. The puppeteer? GOP activist Kris Kobach. Why would this Kansas resident and former aide to John “I lost to a dead guy” Ashcroft really care about the immigration issues in Arizona? Other than helping his own personal run up the GOP ladder, Mr. K. Kobach doesn’t give a red rat’s rectum about the folks in Arizona. If he did, his first swipe at the “problem” might be to go after those who knowingly hire illegal workers, and secondly go after those who unknowingly hire illegal workers. After those problems are settled, going after the workers themselves would be much easier. So why does a seemingly bright fellow looking to have a bright future in the republican party go after the worker first? In this case, the answer is brutally simple.

The republicans find themselves in a precarious position. They are pretty much out of issues. The issues that the GOP really stand for amount to this: The rich get richer. Tax breaks for the wealthy. Everything else is fluff. End of story. As long as they have the presidency, they can pretty much control the message. Terror this. Tax and spend that. And in the end they convince the people on the short end that if they give themselves more of our money, they will give it back to us. Trickle down, right? You give us tax breaks. We will provide jobs. What we didn’t hear was “We will provide jobs to Chinese and Indian workers at a fraction of what you make, so they will take the jobs and we will keep the money too.” So to them it is fair, the rich no longer pay their share, the cost of things are still there, but the money now comes from where?

I always have to give props to the republicans. They know how voters work (and they know how to rig elections when all else fails). Back in the late 80s I was intrigued and appalled reading about focus groups and how these right wing think tanks were testing visceral reactions of voters to certain words, phrases and visuals. They learned what makes white America act and react. The revolving gate ad from the Bush I/Dukakis race is a prime example. You have a steady stream of prisoners walking into a revolving gate at a prison, all with their heads down, but then one prisoner looks up at the camera. Which one? The African-American of course. An advert made to send chills down the spines of white America. “Vote for Bush. He will keep those guys in prison where they belong.” FF >> 2010. The issues are beating the boys now. What can we do? The new menace…the Mexican! They aren’t white, and through the onslaught of propaganda, the influx of illegals is the main reason why a white guy in Atlanta can’t get a job. Nevermind that he dropped out of high school and drinks Miller for breakfast. The incessant drum beat is that those sneaky dark-skinned folks are the cause of all my troubles. If we could only kick them out….

Therefore I ask…Why don’t they go after the employers? If the jobs aren’t there, the people won’t come looking for them. Well, the rules for this all changed back in the 80s, and everything pretty much went into the toilet in the late 90s and early oughts. The borders were opened, and blatant disregard followed. Businesses of any size could save money by paying a guy $3/hr. cash for what they paid an American worker $8. The influx of laborers drove down the wages of regular workers. Why pay a guy $18/hour to tape drywall when some guy will do it for $9? Why pay a janitorial worker $14 when a guy will do it for $4? Employers are under no heat for doing this. It is seemingly encouraged by the lack of oversight and lack of penalties for being caught. Why hire legal workers when illegals will work for pennies on the dollar? The assault on the American worker continues.

In the end, why bring this bill now? Arizona passed LAWA a couple of years ago. Along with Federal law, SB1070 is redundant. Here’s why. KKobach is running for office. He wants to be a big player in the GOP. He knows that this kind of bill is what the party needs to get out the vote. White America responds to this kind of shit like Pavlov’s dogs to a bell. The GOP’s goal of giving everything to the rich can only survive if enough poor people can be hoodwinked into voting republican. The issues like this one, a bill creating racial tensions is a bonanza for the GOP. No one cares that from 1995-2006, the GOP ran the show and did nothing for securing the borders. Just now they talk tough? Why? From 1995-2006 they passed every bill they wanted, man, tax cuts a plenty for their rich cronies. But now, they lost control. Hmmm, to get back in charge they need more wedge issues. Enter stage south.

They passed laws for mandatory fines and jail time for drug offenders. Dealer or user, didn’t matter. Do the same for immigration. If they made a mandatory fine like say…$250,000 for hiring one illegal worker, people might take pause. And I mean mandatory for everyone. Mandatory fines for the Big Box Hardware store hiring a janitorial crew and mandatory fines for a small time lawn-mowing contractor hiring 2 guys to cut grass. $250,000 per worker. Get caught having an undocumented person working for you? $250,000 fine. Get caught working without proper legal documentation? $250,000 fine. And like drugs, make the fines mandatory. No questions, no appeals.

Or you could do like Arizona. Give the police the right to hassle non-white looking people. They should change the Z in Arizona to a swastika. You can’t spell “Arizona” without “Nazi.”

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