14 June 2010

Travus T. Hipp and the Rawhide Reality Revue

Back in the later part of the 80s, I took up residence in northern Nevada (not Del Norte of today) and there was a little local radio station in this town, KPTL I believe were its call letters. Yes on first thought it seemed it would be the halleluah network (Praise the Lord), but instead it was a nice mix of oldies. They had some contests that kept my cashflow going, but in the afternoons the KPTL airwaves had a 3 hour talk show..maybe 2, it is hard to remember a lot of things from that era…and the host was a remarkable character, Travus T. Hipp. Having spent most of my life in the big city, there were all manners of talk radio. Sports talk when I was growing up consisted of Bud Furillo and Superfan. I used to call them when I was a kid haha. I think I was 10 or 11 calling a late talk show asking how many points Jerry West scored in Atlanta. Crazy. Later in my young teens, my mom used to listen to AM News talk in the car. How unbelievably boring…I digress.

FF ==> 1990. America, unbeknownst to most Americans at the time, was in the 11th year of what should be called the Corporate World War. We kind of fought with Iran…mostly some guys decided to be treasonable and negotiate the holding of some Americans until they could put the cabal in place. We had attacked Grenada to…what? Rescue some college students from graduation? We were subverting democratic processes in Central America to preserve democracy, pretty much playing both sides against the middle all over the place. In the mid 80s, ex-CIA op and Panamaniac Manuel Noriega was interviewed by Rolling Stone Mag, and made the accurate but not really visionary proclamation that he had VP Bush “by the balls,” when talking the about cocaine trade and Panama. A couple years later, Bush did his fool best to silence Noriega and ended up killing 4000+ Panamanians…just not the one he was after. In 1990, the seeds were being sown for an incursion into Iraq. We had a respite in the 90s with Clinton, but when he was mired in the Scaife/Starr cabal, the war machine kicked into gear again in Bosnia and Somalia. Once the Supreme Court appointed the idiot son into the Office, he brought the Nixon/Ford/Reagan/Bush administration flunkies back into power. There would be no stopping them this time. Iraq, Afghanistan. We had a brief time of peace in the mid 90s, but when you think about it, we have been consistently at war since Reagan took over.

Coup d’etat. Rule 1: Control the media.

In the mid 80s, the Drugster, one portly fellow named Limbaugh, was taking hold all over America with his right-wing nation-wide propaganda show. The rules of radio had changed. The Reagan administration had fought to remove the restrictions limiting ownership of media outlets. It became easier for a large corporation to own dozens and dozens of outlets and provide the same programming. Removal of the Fairness Doctrine removed the balance. No longer would an opposing point of view be required. Corporations could inundate the market with a single message. They did. They do. But in Northern Nevada, there was Travus T. Hipp.

Travus was a character befitting of an old Western town like Carson City. He lived high atop the Comstock in Virginia City. He had a very pleasant air about him. He was a survivor of the 60s, and if I recall, was involved in some of the big musical names of the time. I remember him talking about the Dead and Janis Joplin, and we talked about music on the air in the times that I called his show. I even remember having a long talk about one Lee Atwater, a republican operative who at the time was in his days of repentance for all the bullshit he pulled in his life. Atwater was about as evil a coot as there was, but dude could play a mean guitar. Digression 2. Travus was a very open minded host. He tended to see things in a liberal way, which was good considering the blitzkrieg of reactionary radio that was taking place at the time. Listening to his show was always interesting and entertaining. A voice of reason amid the onslaught of right wing propaganda that was taking over. A voice of the people against the machine.

I have to say I listened often, called occasionally and pretty much enjoyed the afternoons listening to this show. I was even doing my part patronizing the sponsors so the show could go on. I can’t remember what caused the Rawhide Reality Revue to go off the air in Carson. Seems so long ago. One day last week I just happened to be thinking about the times of how radio has gone. I was looking around for memories I reckon, and I that name flashed through my skull. I searched around and found that thankfully Travus T. Hipp is not gone. He still puts out a regular opinion piece on KPIG radio out of Northern California. If you want to check him out, go to KPIG.COM and on the right hand side, lo and behold, there is a link to Travus and his commentaries. He’s a good guy.

Now once upon a time an old man told me a fable…

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