13 June 2010

USC and the NCAA

I guess it was hammer time for the NCAA. It seems that the Southeastern Conference and ESPN have joined forces to dominate college football. ESPN has anointed the winner of the SEC as the best team in college ball, and up until last season, an argument could always be made that the team from the West Coast, the hated Coast, was the best team in football at the end of the season. In 2008, there was little doubt. In 2007, the team that won had no business playing in the game. In 2006, it took a monumental upset to keep the Trojans out of the big game. In 2004, 2003 and 2002, the best team at the end of the season was that little private school from LA. A thorn in the side of the establishment…

Sometime after the season of 2004, a relation of a certain player seemed to get involved in some nefarious dealings with a casino somewhere in the distance. From all appearances, he was able to get his debts settled by coming to an arrangement using his relationship to a certain player as a sort of collateral. The arrangement failed, and one of the alleged money-givers wanted payback. This alleged money-giver seems to have spent the better part of his days as a ward of the State in which he lives, getting 3 squares a day, a warm bed and cable tv. The money-givers’ word was what the NCAA seems to base their entire case. The word of a multifelon vs. the corroborated testimony of people with nothing to gain (see: THE DUDE). The NCAA chose to drop the hammer.

Word is USC will appeal the findings, and argue that the penalties don’t fit the crime. La Voz de la Razon tends to agree with the school. Other universities have been caught red-handed with boosters directly paying kids, with boosters paying high school coaches to steer the high school talent to their universities. Oklahoma, for instance, had kids working for a booster’s car-lot and the kids were filing time cards for working on the days of games…away games. BRILLIANT. None of their penalties come close to what was handed to USC, and the only money that passed hands in the USC issue seems to have been trying to entice a member of the team to leave. Maybe that is a more heinous crime than paying kids to attend and play for a school.

For the Trojans, to quote Jake Taylor from “Major League,” “Well then I guess there’s only one thing left to do. Win the whole fucking thing.” It looks like the talent is there, and hopefully the strength to rise above can come forth. The powers that be may well be against you, but some of us are behind you 100%. Fight On!

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