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29 February 2020

A to Z…Catching up ~ Part 3 ~ Y is for Yikes!

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All kidding aside, this administration, if I can loosely call it such a thing, is fucking scary. The idea that Trump is going to get away with firing the muppet Sessions and moving a more sinister muppet like Scott Pruitt to AG keeps me awake…seriously. We are moving from a plutocracy to authoritarian regime. The type of ideals these guys have represent about 30% of America and yet the republicans are 100% in with anything Trump does. These guys are gutting us.

9 March 2018

A to Z…Catching up ~ Part 3 ~ Z is for Zopilotes

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Buzzards. Vultures.

The vultures. Everywhere. I was just reading a news blip from the BBC in Asia about “Systematic bribery at GlaxoSmithKline China.” In my best Captain Louis Renault typing, let me say I am shocked, shocked to find that systematic bribery is going on in here! Big Pharma is extending its reach across the globe selling people drugs that will require other drugs to fight the side effects caused by the first batch and so on and so on…

Well here it is a dark cold night in the hills, a night in April. I keep swearing I’ll come back and start filling in these spots again. So much to say and plenty of time to say it but but but…


Buzzards. Vultures.

OK, this story about the vultures will be revisited. The GlaxoSmithKline paragraph above was written back in December of 14. These vultures…these zopilotes…have taken complete control of pretty much every damn thing every damn where. Big Pharma is just one. And this is where today’s rant will begin.

The above paragraph was written in April of 15. Holy fuck…Trump is here. Time to start again.

22 July 2017

RIP Charlie Bloom

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From the town of Milagro, sad news that our friend Charlie Bloom has passed away.

RIP John Heard.

17 July 2016

Red Stick (Baton Rouge)

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Meltdown expected, the wheat is growing thin…

The Baton Rouge Police said the original call which came into dispatch was, “A guy carrying a weapon, carrying a rifle, walking in that particular area, at Airline and Goodwood.”

23 May 2015

French Lick Resort…

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I kept hearing adverts during the hockey playoffs about a French Lick Resort but I admit I wasn’t really paying much attention. Commercials are just background noise, the most interesting ones being the Big Pharma sales pitches on how you can take a simple pill to fix the fungus in your toenails while hoping to avoid the catastrophic liver failure that may sometimes occur haha. I also vaguely remember hearing pitches about Park City Utah being expanded and something about it being the largest ski resort in the country but again, I didn’t really pay attention to what they were saying.

This morning slash afternoon I am sitting here in a daze watchin the Senior Men’s PGA Championship at the brand new Pete Dye’s designed French Lick Resort Golf Course and the old mind starts going again. French Lick, home of Larry Bird, the Hick from French Lick and all…but why the fuck is there a brand spanking new resort in French Lick, Indiana, population 2500, hosting a Senior PGA major?

It is another in-your-face example of the “remember trickle down economics (aka Reaganomics)?” If you lower taxes on the rich, they will reinvest in jobs…blah blah fucking blah. No. What happens is they reinvest in golf resorts and ski resorts and pat themselves on the back for “creating jobs.” The jobs created are minimum wage servant jobs, not anything that would allow the worker a decent living. Nope, the servants struggle to get by while they serve those who have time to enjoy the resorts and worry about their stock portfolios. The haves, and the have mores. French Lick, Larry Bird. Park City, Mitt Romney.

Magic Johnson opened movie theaters in areas where these corporatists wouldn’t…and still won’t.

18 May 2015

Waco waco waco

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A couple of quick observations about Waco:

– Fox News hasn’t called these guys thugs. Apparently that is reserved for black kids carrying skittles.
– Texas sucks.
– Texas is a no fucking doubt about it Death Penalty state. That fact sure deterred the shit out of the shooters. More real life evidence of the effectiveness of that program.
– Texas is a no fucking doubt about it Open Carry state. The presence of more guns sure deterred the shit out of the shooters. Again, more real life evidence of the effectiveness of that program.

This again is more proof of how stupid the people running the show KNOW the gun huggers are and how the same gun huggers are being transformed into the new brown shirts…the unwitting and unknowing armed protectors of the puppeteers.

4 July 2014

Happy Independence Day Number 238 or something…

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Well got some updates done and a lot more to do. But it seems like I need to come back.

Happy Independence Day or Happy Fourth of July to those so inclined.

Feels good…and it is a good time.

22 May 2012

Taxes? Hmm.

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I heard a very compelling debate on some liberal NPR station about the Tiger vs. the Dragon, and how with their “absence of democracy” China is setting themselves up to be the dominant figure in the region (and the world) for the foreseeable future. India has a democratic process a lot like ours..which is keeping them from advancing at the same rate China is. India will likely surpass China in population, but their infrastructure won’t likely catch up to ours. Their “democracy” will keep them from propping up their infrastructure to support 1/2 their population. Kind of the situation we are falling into.

The US is sunk by our political process (not system). We’ve been sold the idea that taxes are what is keeping everyone from being a millionaire, and any type of government is bad. it is so brazen that incumbents earn points by saying how broken the system (which has employed them for 3 terms) is and no one thinks “wait a minute…”

It would be nice to have a rail line from here to there…pipe dream I know. But our system works in a strange way. Incumbent politician from Boulder says “Let’s check out this idea. There’s already a road with a pretty good size median…how about running a line there. The land is already taken care of…blah blah blah.” Pro-Rail talk starts. Car, oil and various other outside interests fund opposing party candidate who goes on record saying “Incumbent just want to spend your money. And tax you more. It is your money. Oh and…let me repeat: ‘Public transit is a money pit.'” There are threats of recall elections. Much money is spent on fighting the idea in the media.. And in the end, 2 more years go by and still nothing has been done.

At some point, we need to look back and really see what made this country great. In the 50s and 60s, taxes were much higher (especially on certain segments) than they are now, and we were building roads and schools and hospitals, business was flourishing, and we were the uncontested leader. With a bullet. In the past 30 years, things have changed drastically, and there aren’t signs of improvement.

30 October 2011

Just another Sunday in the World

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Watching how shitty a QB TeBlow is is just another fucking slap in the face reminder of how rigged the system is in favor of the fucking $ec.

Flashback: 2008. In 3 years, TeBlow is still a one-dimensional player (still not a QB). In retrospect, USC’s Mark Sanchez was a far far far superior QB, USC’s D would have killed..seriously killed TeBlow. Timmy and his inspirational speech won the hearts of the idiots voting, and the rigged system kept the best team out of the championship game. The system sucks in a big way.

Let the hate continue. I’ll get over it when I’m 6 underground. 🙂

23 July 2011

Well well well…

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Yet another in a long string of unintended unintentional absences from logging in here will end…now.

Inspiration comes within. Or does it? For me, inspiration comes in different shapes and sizes, and comes from different places, and I have gotten pretty damn good at recognizing it and hiding away whenever it rears its head. But strangely I found a muse, about 164cm tall (or so she claims). And on that note I am back.

The return to this site was along a road that definitely missed its last few maintenence sessions. Problem One: The domain name had expired and subsequently had been bought by something/someone who was more than willing to charge me 25x the normal fee. Damn them! That’s the price I pay for letting something slide like “Renewal.” Well the site is paid for and now back in my Domain Manager. And just like that, I step full foot into Problem Two: Passwords. Problem Three: Email accounts these passwords are linked to, and their passwords. And so on…

The moral to this story seems to have to do with this rather petite muse who is passively compelling my browser to point to this site, and somehow making my fingers press certain keys. I’m back. And I happily blame her…

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